Welcome to New Covenant Church United Kingdom

discovering purpose, raising leaders and bringing the love of God to the world.

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Welcome to the website of New Covenant Church in the UK.

We are a family church with many branches in the UK, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada and Asia. You are about to embark on a journey of discovery about our church and the God we serve.

Our commitment is to raise winners; christian men and women who are heaven-bound but are winning in every sphere of this life; men and women of substance who will acknowledge that their blessings come from the Lord and who will in turn set themselves to the furtherance of the gospel; men and women who are truly occupying until Jesus comes. We do this by creating an atmosphere where members thrive spiritually.

Our General Overseer is Rev Dr Paul Jinadu and the National Overseer in the UK is Rev Obafemi Omisade.

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